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Optimum Forensic Solutions (OFS) was started with one simple goal in mind: To strengthen the state of crime scene investigation by offering quality services and training to the agencies who need them most. The associates at Optimum Forensic Solutions have been educated, trained, and employed in the field of crime scene investigation. In that time, two significant issues in the field of crime scene investigation have been realized; first, a tremendous lack of training for the people employed as Crime Scene Investigators; and second, a small pool of quality instructors offering training in the field.  At OFS, we base our training and services on the recommended best practices of the Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC) in each field.

Technologies, procedures, and terminology change rapidly in this field.  The associates at OFS have an exceptional skill set that has been honed and refined through years of formal education, on-the-job training, and professional certifications.  OFS is committed to staying abreast of all recent developments in technologies, procedures, and terminology.  When you attend a training hosted by OFS you are being trained by professionals who have spent years working scenes and are familiar with common issues and difficulties that arise during scene processing.  No instructor at OFS teaches a subject they are not qualified to conduct themselves in their professional career.

It has been our experience that agencies must send their investigators to multiple training courses in order to adequately cover all aspects involved in true crime scene investigations.  This can quickly become a financial burden to the agency.  At OFS we offer basic courses in crime scene investigation which have been expertly honed to produce the most well-rounded investigator.  This is achieved by learning and practicing multiple crime scene techniques in one course.  Additionally, we offer more advanced and specialized training courses to supplement the more experience investigator.  Our “a-la-carte” approach to training offers your agency the flexibility to have a training course tailored to your specific needs. 
At OFS, all of the training courses we offer are Missouri P.O.S.T. (CLEET) certified.  For more information please visit our Training page.

Optimum Forensic Solutions was created by crime scene investigators, for crime scene investigators. 
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George has been employed as a Crime Scene Investigator since 2010.  Throughout his career, he has attended approximately 400 hours of professional training including latent print processing, bloodstain pattern documentation, shooting reconstruction, crime scene photography, and death investigation, as well as many additional topics.  Based on his training and education he has received his certification from the International Association for Identification as a Senior Crime Scene Analyst.

George has spent his time as a crime scene investigator not only continuing his education, but helping to educate others as well.  Along with Madison, he has assisted in the organizing, facilitating, and teaching of a yearly crime scene investigations course for local law enforcement members.  He has been an associate with Optimum Forensic Solutions since 2015 and continues to teach at local departments as well and is also an adjunct professor.

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During her time with the Kansas City Missouri Police Department Madison attended numerous additional professional training in subjects such as crime scene photography, shooting reconstruction, medicolegal death investigation, and bloodstain pattern analysis, to name a few.  Based on her experience, training, and knowledge, Madison received certification from the International Association for Identification as a Crime Scene Analyst.  Madison also received a Masters of Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Florida.

Prior to leaving the Kansas City Missouri Police department in 2016, she played in crucial role in the developing, facilitating, and teaching of an annual crime scene investigations course that was geared towards local police departments and aimed to enhance their crime scene investigation skills.  Madison is now teaching as not only an associate with Optimum Forensic Solutions, but as an adjunct professor as well.

​​Madison Palmer, MFS, CCSA

Madison Palmer received her Bachelors degree in Forensic Investigative Sciences from West Virginia University.  After graduating, she was hired by the Kansas City Missouri Police Department as a Crime Scene Investigator where she was tasked with investigating violent crime scenes for more than five years.

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George Santoro, MFS, CSCSA

George Santoro graduated from Radford University in Virginia with a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and a minor in Forensic Science.  After completing his undergraduate degree, he then went on to receive a Masters degree in Forensic Science with a concentration in Advanced Investigation from the University of New Haven.