Forensic Training for the Forensic Practicioner

Optimum Forensic Solutions (OFS) was started with one simple goal in mind: To strengthen the state of crime scene processing by offering quality services and training to the agencies that need them. The instructors at Optimum Forensic Solutions have been educated, trained, and employed in the field of crime scene investigation for years. In that time, a significant issue was recognized in the field of crime scene investigation: many officers tasked with processing crime scenes for forensic evidence have little, if any, training. And the training they receive may not be the most up-to-date or accurate. 


The state of forensics is an a peculiar place at the moment, with a push towards an independent investigator who is not under the authority of a law enforcement agency and has no allegiance towards the prosecution or the defense, but rather an allegiance to the truth as an objective investigator. With this push towards a more independent investigator, the onus will be on the investigator to prove they have received relevant and adequate training in any field they work; this is where Optimum Forensic Solutions enters the picture. The working instructors at OFS are constantly working to stay abreast of the recent technological advancements within the field as well as instituting the recommended best practices. All working instructors maintain an exceptional skill set that has been honed and refined through years of formal education, on-the-job training/experience, and professional forensic certifications.

We offer tailored-to-fit trainings that meet your agency's needs. If your city only gets one homicide a year, then death investigation training may not be as relevant as it would be in Detroit, Chicago, or Kansas City. We offer an array of course topics such as Fingerprint and DNA Evidence, Death Investigation, Sexual Assault Investigation, Bullet Trajectory & Impact Analysis, and Bloodstain Pattern Recognition (plus many more). All subjects are Missouri POST approved for continuing law enforcement credits (check with your peace officer governing body for reciprocal training credit status).  

When you attend a training presented by Optimum Forensic Solutions you are being trained by professionals who have spent years working scenes and are familiar with common issues and difficulties that arise during scene processing. Together, our instructors have over 20 years of combined educational and professional experience in forensics as well as many years of teaching experience. Our overall objective is simple: to make your work product the best it can be.